5 Benefits of Integrating Salesforce & Google Ads

Nymble Advert more than 20% of the market, and Google Ads is the almost default choice for online advertising, holding 73% of the search ad market.

These two systems are very powerful in their own right, and allow you to create an online marketing machine with Google Ads, alongside a powerful CRM sales tool for your reps to close the deals. They also hold a huge amount of information, which can be look at as Google holding the marketing data, and Salesforce holding the sales data. Some of the information each system holds can be seen in the following diagram…

To look at from a seriously simplified view, Google Ads holds all of the information prior to a customer getting in touch, and Salesforce holds all of the information in the sales cycle. This mostly works great, with sales and marketing teams getting to dive into the data they love most. But there is one gap without linking the two systems, Marketing have no idea if their leads are closing! This is a pretty massive issue, as, without a closed feedback loop, optimization on Google Ads campaigns is near impossible.

By connecting these two systems, you get a treasure trove of new KPI’s to play around with. Let’s dive into the 5 main benefits from integrating Salesforce & Google Ads…

1. Marketing Attribution

The first huge benefit in linking Salesforce & Google Ads, is understanding exactly where your leads are coming from. If you have multiple Ad Campaigns, targeting hundreds of keywords, ensuring this data comes through to Salesforce is very important. After all, how are you to understand how effective your campaigns are if you can’t trace Lead & Opportunity source back to where they came from?

2. Cost per Opp

Working out your cost per Opp is essential for any marketer. This figure essentially determines if your marketing campaigns are cost effective. If you’re selling a SaaS product for $1,200/year, but you are paying $800 for Opportunities before a salesperson has even closed the deal, you can probably deem this ineffective.

The thing is, as Google Ads holds all of your spend data, while Salesforce holds all of your revenue data, this figure is very hard to work out without connecting the two systems. Once connected, it’s simply a case of matching up your Google Ads campaign spend data, with the Opportunities that are in the system. Easy!

3. Customer Acquitision Cost

Another key metric that is vital for marketers to understand, is the total cost of acquiring new customers. This is important firstly to understand if your campaigns are actually working, you need to link through that closed won Opportunity back to the Campaign it came from. In addition, you also need to understand the cost. Different companies will have different margins they are looking to work towards, but its important to understand this number to see if the marketing campaigns are currently viable.

4. Campaign ROI

Ultimately, Marketing needs to understand one KPI, Return On Investment. While marketers love to get into the weeds of what is working, what is not, and then optimise from their, management and the c-suite just want to see if their money is being well spent. This can be achieved by analyzing all spend across all Campaigns over a period of time, matched up with the Opportunities that have closed. This will pump out one number, and we’re hoping that is a huge X multiplier!

5. Optimise Keywords

While it’s useful to understand your ROI across all campaigns, it’s also very interesting to dive into a specific campaign, or even a specific keyword! With a tool such as Nymble, you can dive into the detail and understand which keywords are resulting from more deals than others, and then optimise accordingly. A marketing nerds dream!


By connecting these two powerful systems, you can gain insights that were otherwise extremely labour intensive to uncover. This allows you to spend time concentrating on marketing activities that matter, while better understanding what works.

Nymble is a platform that seamlessly connects Salesforce & Google Ads in minutes, and provides all the above KPI’s out of the box. Download our free trial today!

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