Report on your most profitable Marketing Channels

Dissect your Marketing & CRM data to ensure you are putting money behind your most profitable digital channels.

1. How it Works

Set up Nymble by placing a tracking code on your web page, and connecting your Google Ads & Salesforce Org. Start watching the data pour in!

2. Digital Campaign Reporting & Attribution

Deep dive into your campaigns to see costs per click, lead, opp and customer acquisition cost.

3. Campaign & Keyword ROI

Take a birds eye view of all your campaigns performance across all channels. Or dive into the detail and look at your highest performing keywords.

A Complete Solution

Nymble has been designed from the ground-up with Salesforce & Google Ads Experts. We’ve built the product to remove the pain that marketers go through when trying to report on key metrics that core to the role. 

Track - All your Marketing data in one place

Analyse - Make decisions faster

Report - KPI's at your fingertips

Instant Setup

Nymble can be set up in under a few minutes, and you will start tracking accurate ROI against Google Ads campaign spend after the first deal closes in Salesforce.

Budget Allocation

With Nymble you can easily allocate your budget to the best performing keyword or platform with our AI recommendations engine.

True ROI Reporting

At Nymble we understand the pain marketers go through to accurately work out the ROI on your digital marketing spend. So we’ve automated it all for you!

Automatic Marketing Report

Still spending hours creating your management marketing report each month? Let us help you spend those hours being productive instead by automating the report.


Nymble provides insights at every stage of the pipeline. Cost per Lead, Conversion %, Cost per Customer, you name it.

Industry Vets

Founded by the team behind Breadwinner &, we know CRM