What are Buy-Through-Rates?

As Marketers, a large part of our job is to generate clicks through SEO & PPC. With the abundance of digital channels available today, there is so much opportunity to take advantage of these mediums, measure the results, and then optimize for greater effectiveness.

Whatever channels you are using to get the attention of your audience today, you will most likely be measuring Click-Through-Rates (CTR), in order to understand the % of people that click through to your website or landing page, from the overall total that view it. While CTR’s are extremely important to understand how appealing an advert is to your audience, they only tell us half the story. After all, you don’t get paid when someone clicks on your Ad, you make money when someone opens up their wallet and buys!

At Nymble, we are obsessed with Buy-Through-Rates, that is, how many people are actually making a purchase after clicking on one of your Adverts.

You might know that one keyword gives you a 1.2% CTR, and another gives you 1.5% click through, but how does this help you bid appropriately?

With our platform, you are not only able to pinpoint which customers have made a purchase after clicking on an Ad, but also, which specific Keyword, or Keyword group has the most success of converting a customer. Meaning, you understand the full picture, that then allows you to pump money behind the most profitable channels.

If you don’t know the buy-through-rate for all your PPC, keywords, and SEO efforts, how can you focus your marketing in the right place?

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