Marketing ROI at your fingertips

Our platform helps you calculate your Marketing ROI by seamlessly connecting Salesforce & Google Ads.

Meet Nymble

Analyse your digital marketing campaigns against CRM data

  • Integrate Salesforce & Google Ads to get amazing insights into your campaigns.
  • Analyse and adjust your digital marketing campaigns right down to the highest performing keyword.
  • Set your budget and goals, and let Nymble track everything for you.

Instant Setup

Nymble can be set up in under a few minutes, and you will start tracking accurate ROI against Google Ads campaign spend after the first deal closes in Salesforce.

Budget Allocation

With Nymble you can easily allocate your budget to the best performing keyword or platform with our AI recommendations engine.

True ROI Reporting

At Nymble we understand the pain marketers go through to accurately work out the ROI on your digital marketing spend. So we’ve automated it all for you!

Automatic Marketing Report

Still spending hours creating your management marketing report each month? Let us help you spend those hours being productive instead by automating the report.


Nymble provides insights at every stage of the pipeline. Cost per Lead, Conversion %, Cost per Customer, you name it.

Industry Vets

Founded by the team behind Breadwinner &, we know CRM

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Leading B2B
SaaS Companies

  • With Nymble by Your side
  • B2B SaaS Marketing to Date
  • Decisions based on data-driven intelligence and recommendations
  • One, unified view of marketing activity, performance and cost data
  • Deep, automated analysis of your data
  • Accurate attribution of results to marketing activities
  • Decisions based on best practices and guesswork
  • Data spread across dozens of systems
  • Manual, simplistic data analysis
  • Poor visibility into the true impact of marketing activities

Plan marketing for maximum
ROI, without the guesswork

Track - All your Marketing data in one place

  • CRM & marketing data in one place, no more excel!
  • Capture all activity across customer journeys and connect it with results and costs – no coding needed.
  • Manage teams, campaigns and activities across all channels, without spreadsheets.

Analyse - Make decisions faster

  • Understand the impact of each marketing activity across KPIs, using automatic attribution analysis.
  • Adjust your marketing campaigns based on whats working and whats not.
  • Get clear answers to complex marketing questions.

Report - KPI's at your fingertips

  • Your monthly marketing KPIs are at your finger tips.
  • Automatic calculation of Cost per Lead, Cost of Acquisition & Overall ROI.
  • Feed in real time data into your Marketing strategy

Short time-to-value

Painless onboarding. Easily connect your tools and data, let Nymble do the rest.

Connect your CRM, MAP and other marketing tools you use.

Consolidate your customer journeys, costs and performance data

Get a complete picture of your investments’ efficiency and effectiveness

Apply advanced AI & ML to predict outcomes for any budget scenario

Receive ongoing, up-to-date budget allocation suggestions

Ready to see it in action?